DIGITAL GAME: Shit Present or Poop.   When you’ve gotta go, it shows on your face. Similarly, when you unwrap a bad gift,
it’s hard to hide your true expression. So we thought, why not have some fun with these faces of the holidays?

The team had the idea, and the client -- but, it was almost December. So we got scrappy.
This game was created, shot and built it within 2 1/2 weeks.
AD: Mapi Bartolome • CW: Amanda Green

A teens’ eyes can tell parents what they need to know. These banners did run, but I for sure lost the files. These are the comps.

DIGITAL ACTIVATION: The Broken Resolution Blues

TWITTER IDEA: Hot Dads Drinking Metamucil   
It all started with the hashtag-- #hotdudesreading. A viral hit, it was about seeing attractive guys doing something contrary to what they were expected to do. We saw an opportunity. So to celebrate Father's Day, we launched a fun, weeklong twitter campaign (designed entirely with stock photos) to get people talking about Metamucil. The good news? These #HotDadsDrinkingMetamucil got some good press for the brand.  
AD: Ayushi Saria • CW: Ian Bae


MOBILE BANNER: Hilton Hotels Seasonal Booking
When you checked the weather, this mobile banner gave you instant access to the weather you'd rather be in. 
AD: Doug Loffredo



MOBILE BANNER: The Deal Shaker
Shake up your iPad and shake up a great price.  AD: Julian Newman

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 10.27.44 PM.png